625 Exeter Image 625 Exeter
MSRP price: $47.00
Tri-Mountain Gold Women's 100% Polyester UltraCool™ lightweight thermal knit jacket.
KL630 Lady Exocet Image KL630 Lady Exocet
MSRP price: $49.00
Women’s 7.6 oz. 100% polyester mesh lightweight jacket featuring Tri-Mountain UltraCool® moisture wicking technology.
LB642 Mia Image LB642 Mia
MSRP price: $64.00
6.7 oz. 58% cotton/37% polyester/5% spandex knit jacket with moisture-wicking.
LB674 Anna Image LB674 Anna
MSRP price: $54.50
Women’s 10 oz. 60% cotton/40% polyester fleece full-zip jacket.
LB677 Riley Image LB677 Riley
MSRP price: $71.50
Women’s 10.4 oz 60% cotton/40% polyester fleece peacoat.
LB683 Addison Image LB683 Addison
MSRP price: $87.00
Women’s 11 oz. 57% cotton/39% polyester/4% spandex two-button blazer.
JL1400 Lady Vital LWJ Image JL1400 Lady Vital LWJ
MSRP price: $37.50
Women's 100% polyester windproof/water-resistant lightweight jacket.
LB2988 Katherine Image LB2988 Katherine
MSRP price: $89.00
Women’s windproof/water resistant polyester trench coat lined with polyester.
JL5308 Radian Image JL5308 Radian
MSRP price: $55.00
Lightweight poplin jacket features a windproof/water-resistant shell.
6013 Eos Image 6013 Eos
MSRP price: $56.50
Women’s lightweight jacket features a shell of windproof/water resistant poly lined with poly mesh.
JL6158 Bellaire Image JL6158 Bellaire
MSRP price: $89.00
Women's 3-layer construction consisting 2 layers of knit polyester bonded together, with a breathable windproof/water resistant membrane in between.
JL6205 Bonney Image JL6205 Bonney
MSRP price: $77.50
Women’s wind and water resistant 96% polyester/ 4% spandex lightweight reversed dobby soft shell jacket.
6220 Chelsea Image 6220 Chelsea
MSRP price: $60.50
Women’s lightweight windproof/water resistant soft shell poly jacket with EmbAccess™.
JL6350 Lady Vital Bonded Soft Shell Image JL6350 Lady Vital Bonded Soft Shell
MSRP price: $44.50
Women's bonded soft shell jacket, windproof/water-resistant.
JL6380 Lady Quest Image JL6380 Lady Quest
MSRP price: $66.00
Women’s soft shell bonded jacket featuring a 3-layer construction.
6410 Zeal Image 6410 Zeal
MSRP price: $72.00
Women's poly stretch bonded soft shell vest.
6420 Ascent Image 6420 Ascent
MSRP price: $81.50
Women's poly stretch bonded soft shell jacket.
JL6468 Oakbrook Image JL6468 Oakbrook
MSRP price: $94.50
soft shell bonded jacket features a 3-layer construction consisting of a windproof/water-resistant outer shell.
FL7370 Haze Image FL7370 Haze
MSRP price: $47.00
Women's 8.8 oz. 100% polyester full zip heather fleece jacket.
8860 Sequel Image 8860 Sequel
MSRP price: $64.50
Women's three-season windproof/water resistant poly jacket with anti-pilling micro fleece lining and EmbAccess™.
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